Reviewer Guidelines

The originality of scientific literature depends on effective peer review. A published paper reflects not only on the authors of that paper but also on the group of readers. To accomplish this, reviewers play a significant role in publishing. Any researcher with Ph.D. as a minimum educational qualification is eligible to be a reviewer. Reviewers are not expected to rewrite a paper but have the responsibility of providing genuine and positive review comments about the presented manuscripts, where review comments are very important factors for the Editors to make a decision on the manuscript.

  • The Reviewer should have the proficiency to carry the peer reviewing process by himself.
  • After receiving the invitation, one can inform us his opinion of accepting or declining the invitation. If you are not able to accept the invitation you can suggest any of your colleagues, so that respective editor may invite that person to review and you may not transfer your invitation.
  • Articles are assigned based on the research interests of the reviewer. They can approach the assigned editorial office, if the manuscript is beyond their expertise.
  • Reviewers should review the manuscript within the provided timeline in order to facilitate timely completion of the review process.
  • The Reviewers should protect the secrecy of the manuscript. He has no rights to disclose any information presented in the manuscript and requests not to use the information of the manuscript for their own use.
  • Reviewers have to remember that the final decision to accept or reject will depend on the comments from the editor.

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