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Chembio is one of the leading Online Publishing Groups that empowers with ample scientific ideas and research information to all. Chembio focuses on academic merit, research exactitude, knowledge propagation and combined academic efforts. Chembio is an International online publishing house that publishes Open Access Journals in the current research fields of science & technology. Chembio Journals acts as a connecting link between researchers and readers across the scientific community.

Chembio is an Open Access huge Publishing library that contains endless scientific research information on categorized topics, where anyone can view, share and download. The subjects covered here are vast, and every paper here is peer reviewed and approved by the Editors. Chembio is the place for developing your research standards and making yourself well acquainted with the latest research and development in all the fields.


The main vision of Chembio Publisher is to access the emerging literature and to promote the knowledge transfer among research communities. Our vision is to build an open science platform where everybody has an equal opportunity to seek, share and generate knowledge, empowering researchers and scholars in their daily work.

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